e-Notice for Company with Share Capital


As stipulated under Section 56 of the Companies Act 2016, Companies are now required to notify SSM on the beneficial owners (“BO”) of the Companies and to keep the said information accurate and up-to-date. In this regard, all companies under the Companies Act 2016 are required to confirm BO for your Company.

What is a bo?

“Beneficial Owner” (BO) means the ultimate owner of the shares and does not include a nominee of any description. However, if the company has no shares, the ultimate effective control refers to a natural person(s) having significant influence or dominant control over a company regardless of its position in the company.
The Directors of the Company are ultimately responsible for ensuring that beneficial ownership information is accurate and up-to-date.
Nonetheless, proper documentation of the basis upon which the beneficial ownership information is identified and verified should be kept.
If the shareholder is a company (corporate shareholder), we need the details of every beneficial owner in the company.
  • Please proceed to fill up the form below (note: if there is more than one individual, please fill up and submit the form again for the second person); or
  • You may provide the full details of every individual(s) and email to [email protected]
For every shareholder, please fill up the BO Form below.

Company with Share Capital

Pursuant to section 56(1), 56(2) & 56(3) of the Companies Act 2016, you are required to submit the information within 1 month from the date of receiving this electronic notice.

Do Take Note on the Penalties:

CA2016 S588: Failure to comply with S56, you will be fine up to RM50,000 or imprisonment up to 3 years or both.

CA2016 S591: Giving false and misleading statements. Imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or a fine not exceeding RM 3 million or both

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