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Let’s weather through this difficult time together & allow TrustMaven to handle your compliance concerns

Transfer-in AND appoint TrustMaven as your Company Secretary today & save up to 50% of your secretarial fees


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You can get your company incorporation done on TrustMaven Platform without leaving your home/office.

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No more waiting and you can access to your company’s documents anytime anywhere!

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The real humans (company secretaries) will be taking care of all your requests and compliance matters.

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We help clients to save up to 50% of their secretarial costs and no hidden charges!

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No more missing documents & unstructured email correspondence.

HOW it works


TrustMaven will contact you and assist on the sign up at TrustMaven Platform.


You fill up some basic information of your company.


TrustMaven will handle the transfer-in for your company seamlessly.
1. What is TrustMaven Platform?
Chartered Secretary + Technology = TrustMaven Platform
We are a team of professional and experienced Chartered Secretaries. With our smart platform, we strive to provide you with better efficiency, more insights and full control on your company’s compliance matters.
2. What are the benefits of using TrustMaven Platform?
  • With TrustMaven Platform, all your requests can be handled 100% online. No more unstructured emails and lost data.
  • Digital & Automated. With digitalisation and automated process, it is the key to minimize errors and maintain high accuracy.
  • Real humans who are the professional & experienced chartered secretaries will be handling your compliance matters
  • No hidden charges. We value transparency. The prices listed on our website is the amount you pay!
  • High efficient services when we can handle your requests online and in an automated way
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Everything in your fingertips when you can get your documents instantly anytime anywhere
Check out full details of our features here.
3. How much is the secretarial fees?
Our all-in secretarial fees is RM1,600 per year including the SSM filings fees for annual return and financial statements.
Check out full details of our services here.
4. How can you help me to save 50% of secretarial fees?
Our all-in fees are already affordable. We further offer FREE 6 months of secretarial services when you transfer-in or appoint us as your Company Secretary. Therefore, you only need to pay RM1,000 in the first year.
6. Who will be my Company Secretary?
The founders who hold the professional license will be your Company Secretary.
7. When is the best time to transfer?
Anytime. We will understand all your company’s compliance important dates and provide further advice.
8. Why do you collect your fees upfront?
This is our policy because we will only collect the fees once a year and the fees are inclusive of the filling fees which are payable to the SSM on behalf of your company.
9. Where is your office located?
We have two locations which are in Klang (HQ) and Petaling Jaya. However, no physical meeting is required because we accept e-verification methods.
10. Can I remain other services such as accounting, audit and tax with current providers if I transfer-in to TrustMaven?
Yes, of course you can.
If you’re interested to find out more, please check out TrustMaven website
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