100% Online Registration

you can now get your company incorporated 100% online, without leaving your house!

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we are professional and experienced chartered secretaries.

Worry-free, we take care of your compliance matters.

Professional company secretary
Convenience & Accessibility

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you can access to your company forms anytime anywhere via TRUSTMAVEN PLATFORM!

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What you see on our website, is what you will be paying.

cloud storage

no more missing documents!

Every document of your company is safe on our secured cloud database.

How can i know when to submit the forms to ssm?

We are here to back you up, guiding you step-by-step on how to be compliant with the Companies Act.

You can fully focus on your business.

go digital

never knew that i can digitalise my company’s compliance and administration matters!

Now it’s the best time to take action. Talk to us!

why still dealing with paper and pen signing? 

It’s a digitalisation era. E-signing is acceptable for 95% of the company documents in Malaysia.

Fret not, we will advise when paper signing are required.

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