Top 5 Facts About the First Online Company Secretary Platform in Malaysia

Since we started end of 2018, TrustMaven web app, the first online Company Secretary Platform in Malaysia is finally ready to launch to public and all our supportive clients.

What is TrustMaven web App?

Founded by experienced and professional Company Secretary, specially built for all companies especially startups and SMEs in order to help them manage their compliance, governance, accounting and tax matters using technology. Our aim is to transform the way how the company secretarial industry works as we were frustrated at how slow and paper-based the incorporation and company registration process was.

TrustMaven App


Why you do need it?

Every company has to be compliant with the rules and regulations especially under the Companies Act, 2016 in order to avoid unnecessary penalties or compounds. But most startups and companies are not aware of these stringent compliance requirements and might find it frustrated or difficult to stay compliant. We understand that you are simply too busy with your own things. Let us, a team of more than 15 years of experienced and professional company secretaries, back you up and handle your company’s compliance matters in a faster and more efficient way. You can read here to find out what are the roles of a Company Secretary.


#1: Your Company’s Sustainability

We understand all the challenges faced by new startups and young companies nowadays, and we’re here to help and back you up. In order to sustain the company’s business operations in the long run, no doubt that proper compliance and documentation play an important role. Therefore, TrustMaven offers a wide range of services (company secretarial, accounting, tax, audit, payroll and many more) to all clients to fulfill your compliance needs. With technology (TrustMaven app), we are able to offer our services at a very affordable rate. Beyond that, it is also our goal to expand our service coverage to take care of all your compliance needs, so that you can give a 100% focus on growing your business.



We all know that doing business is all about speed too. Probably you’ll be wondering “what is the point that you need to wait for so long just to get some general documents of your company?”. With TrustMaven App, no more waiting! Simply login and get access to your company’s documents anytime when you need it. Other than that, simply login and submit your request on the task that you need us to do. We will reply within 24 hours. Our guarantee! Besides, you will be notified with emails and can always login the app and see the progress tracking of your requests. Everything is on your fingertips! You can be in full control of all your company’s information. We value transparency.



It’s definitely free to sign up and you will get to experience using our app to register your company. We will walk you through from A to Z in the incorporation process. You can get everything done on your computer or phone without leaving your home or office. We know time is very valuable to you and thus we offer greatest convenience to you. Cloud-based and secure storage of your company’s documents are what you need too. From the incorporation process, filing in requests, up to accessing company documents, everything we make it very easy and convenient for our clients.



You could be thinking and worry about who will be the one at the back doing things for you? Despite it is 100% online, the real humans at the back taking care of your requests and compliance matters are the expert, professional, licensed and experienced company secretaries. Worry-free! You can be 100% rest assured. This is because the founders of TrustMaven will be your named company secretaries. Therefore, the results are awesome-powsome when the app is actually built by the founders who are the experienced company secretaries themselves.



No one loves hidden charges. All the fees stated on TrustMaven will be the amount you pay. No more, no less. We value transparency. We only charge out-of-pocket expenses a.k.a disbursements at cost if there involves any physical exercises such as traveling costs to the SSM to settle tasks/things for your company, courier and printing charges when you request us to send over physical documents, additional certified true copy documents etc. We don’t sting, guaranteed!

Calling all founders, directors or decision makers of your company…

In conjunction with our app launching, we are now offering Early Bird Sign Up Promotion for new companies. Don’t miss the opportunity to join this digital revolution and be the first 50 to sign up!



Yes, you’re right. It’s FREE! You just need to appoint us as your Company Secretary and we will bear the SSM registration fees of RM1,010.00. No one else can ever go lower than the free package. So what’re you waiting for if you’re looking for Company Secretary to start your new company? Ahh…you might be worrying that low price low service quality? SIGN UP for our Incorporation + Secretarial Package now! Get to know us and I am sure you can tell about our good service quality.


Already have your own company? Feel like missing out? No problem! You can transfer-in to TrustMaven anytime. Our all-in secretarial package is only RM1,600/year. We further offer a Free 6 months of secretarial services (worth RM600) for all transfer-in clients. Take action and transfer-in now!


Questions? Read our FAQs here.


If you have other questions or wish to get a free consultation from us, please send us your details in the form below…. We will reply within 24 hours!



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